Indreba - The Incredible Dream Band

NEW  2015 - High energy, dance and soulful blues album    'HEARTS DANCING' on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify etc. Boogie on down and find it on all the main music outlets! If you like dancing, high energy music, funky rhythms and sliding soulful blues guitar! Just search for 'Indreba Hearts Dancing' and have a party!

Indreba's  album Spirit Echoes - explores new dimensions for meditation, psychic groups, yoga, massage, magical other worlds, upliftment, creative inspiration and relaxation - alone or in group activities

INDREBA - 'Spirit Echoes' album from spirit for the spirit - for anyone who dreams, meditates, paints, loves inspiration and enjoys exploring beautiful other worlds!                             Available from Amazon, iTunes, Google, Beats, Deezer, Rdio, Shazam & Spotify.                                              









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